Aeration Week

Unfortunately the rain prevented the fairways from being aerated this spring. However, the rain was definitely a welcome sight as it has been a very dry winter.


The rain prevented many areas of the golf course from being aerified this spring, but due to the very dry winter so far this year the rain was a very welcome sight.  On Monday, March 12 we solid tine punched the greens with 3/8″ tines at a 2-inch forward spacing.  This created thousands of small holes in each green, but without pulling cores.  The process involved verticuting the greens in two-directions and removing as much of the extra spring growth as possible.  Then we applied a heavy amount of sand on the greens, followed by the aerators punching the holes.  This allowed the dry sand to be “vibrated” into the small holes and after the brushing and rolling of the greens, it simply looked as if we just completed a routine verticut and topdress procedure.  With two aerators working throughout the golf course, the process was efficient and the crew finished in one day.


Solid tine punching of greens following the sand topdressing. The sand being used was died a green color.


View of greens before and after punching.


Final process of brushing and rolling created the look similar to the routine verticut and topdress procedure that we do twice per month. Following this weeks rain, the sand is gone and only a handful of small holes are visible.


The tees and approaches were core aerified along with #4 and #12 fairways.  The aeration on the rest of the fairways was canceled due to the weather forecast calling for rain.  The cleanup process would not have worked well and more damage would have been created than it was worth.  Overall, what areas were aerated in the short timeframe we had to work with went well.  The nearly 5-inches of rain that we have experienced this week was a welcome sight and pushed all the sand into the areas that were topdressed.  Once the sun returns, the course will look and play great.

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