Native Wildflowers


Over the past several weeks the putting green surfaces have been relatively clean from seed heads.  The combination of specialized products being applied to the greens to suppress seed head production and regular grooming or verticuting of the greens has created smooth and firm greens.  Seemingly overnight, several greens have exploded with seed head production which has led to spraying another application of seed head suppression and growth regulators.  This is not unusual, the same occurrence happened in late May of 2010 and 2011 with several greens displaying the same issues.  This late spring application should be the final dagger to control the pesky puffy poa.  Similarly, in the past two years, the green have been very smooth with little to no seed head issues throughout the rest of the summer months.  Be patient as the material takes several days to kick in and it will take up to a week for most of the seed heads to be mowed off.


18th green with an unexpected outbreak of seed head








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