Blinded by the White

Adding new white bunker sand creates a dramatic new look


Over the past several weeks the maintenance crew has been refreshing the bunkers by adding a new layer of white sand.  This process is done every two years to replace sand that has been washed out during the rainy season and also replace sand that is lost on a daily basis due to players splashing it out with their shots.  This project is very labor intensive as the crew goes throughout the bottoms and faces of each bunker and spreads out the existing sand to equal levels.  Any grasses that have germinated along with any bermudagrass runners are removed, then a fresh 1-inch layer of white sand is added to the entire bunker.  While the process takes nearly one month to complete, the bunkers will all look better and play better with an even distribution of sand.  Regardless of what type of bunker sand we use, this process would need to be completed on a regular basis to ensure the sand depths are even and the playability of the bunker sand is optimal.  The club chose to use the bright white Augusta bunker sand when the restoration process began in the early 2000s.  This brighter type of sand highlights the bunkering and showcases the impressive MacKenzie design, however, the white sand contaminates quickly and this process will continue every one-to-two years depending on the severity of the rainy season along with analyzing how much play the course receives.


Notice the difference in color between the new sand and older sand



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