Back to Basics

The past four years we have tried different systems to help members, guests, and outside play to determine hole locations on the greens.  From the advanced plus (+) minus (-) system to determine how many paces from the center of the green to the four-quadrant rotational system, the daily course setup will revert to the old system of red, white, and blue flags.  This will allow the maintenance crew the most flexibility in determining a hole location for the given day.  It allows the staff to select the best possible location and will create more variety for those who play the course on a frequent basis.  This basic system is used frequently at many other golf courses and the colors represent the following:

RED – Front hole location

WHITE – Middle hole location

BLUE  –  Back hole location

One response

  1. I like thinking of the green as the face of a clock and moving the pin location five hours each day. This generates fairly even wear; it is especially good for small greens.

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