Evolution of the 18th Hole

Previous landscaping behind the 18th green

While the 18th green complex is unique as a Par-3 finishing hole that forces a carry over a large canyon onto a severely sloping green, the landscaping and backdrop has not been very appealing. Two weeks ago, the crew began transforming this area into a much more aesthetically appealing backdrop. The new landscape will consist of drought tolerant native grasses and plants along with ornamental grasses and shrubs that will add splashes of color throughout the back of the green complex. The initial preparation of the area involved cleaning up and removal of the existing plant material and shaping several oak trees that were covered up by years of overgrowth. Selective pruning of oak trees on the left side of the 18th green and removal of fir trees on the right side of the green significantly opened up the view of the entire green complex from all teeing locations. Once mature, the grown landscape will hide the parking lot and traffic above the green all while creating a much more dramatic backdrop for the finishing hole.

View from the 18th Tee during the mid-1990’s

18th Green following completion of new landscape at end of August 2012.

With natural erosion over the past 80-years, the modern 18th Green will never truly capture what was a very  dramatic Par-3 finishing hole.

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