The Spanish word “pasatiempo” is translated as “hobby” or “pastime” or a “relaxed passage of time.” Over the years, golfers have argued that there are few places more breathtaking and challenging than the course named Pasatiempo built by Marion Hollins and Dr. Alister MacKenzie. While the maintenance of Pasatiempo is far from relaxed, this blog will offer some insight into the art and science behind maintaining one of America’s finest golf courses. Paul Chojnacky has been the golf course superintendent since January 2008 and is the main contributor to this blog.

Paul on the 13th Fairway with “Henry” the goat. Henry has been on-site the past two years helping to clear out the canyons and barancas and has the best personality within the herd of brush goats.


2011 Maintenance Crew at Pasatiempo


4 responses

  1. Hey Paul, This is Jeremy Hreben. I was with you at Rutgers. Just read your article in Golfdom! congratulations. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Paul,
    Congratulations on being the first recipient of the Herb Graffis Business Person of the Year award given by Golfdom magazine. The goat really looks great in the photo though I don’t know the guy sitting next to him. Ha ha. From the contents of this article it is clear that you are thriving in your current environment, and we wanted you to know all of us here at Rutgers are proud of the work you are doing. The creative strategies which you are employing seem to be serving you in high stead these days. Once again, congratulations on a really significant recognition.
    Ned Lipman

  3. Thanks for all your hard work, Paul. The course continues to improve in fine, subtle ways — and some not so subtle — thanks to your efforts. And your blog is a delightful and instructive resource which really adds to our enjoyment of this great game. Although I don’t feel so old, this is my seventh decade playing this wonderful design. The course has never been better in that time, nor more reflective of MacKenzie’s vision, than it is today. I’m just sorry I missed it in the 30s and 40s. Keep up the good work!

    Fairways and greens.

    John Cowden.

  4. The 18-Hole Ladies hosted Team Play today (April 2) and we received many compliments on the excellent condition of the golf course. The visiting teams were from MPCC, Ridgemark, Pajaro Valley and Seascape. Many thanks for everything you do to make our golf experience so enjoyable.

    Diana Sworakowski, Pasatiempo
    Team Play Captain

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