Importance of Course Ettiquette

The greens, tees, fairways, and approaches responded very well to the recent aerification and optimal weather conditions over the past few weeks. Most areas of the greens have completely healed and the quick recovery was evidence that these “finicky” greens were in need of the beneficial aeration process. Over the next few weeks the greens will continue to be sand topdressed with a non-invasive type of sand. This sand absorbs into the surfaces much better than previously used sand types and will benefit the greens by smoothing out the imperfections. The cooler weather at night should help to firm up the green surfaces and the optimal health conditions should allow the green speeds and playability to be favorable for all groups.

As the fall season typically brings us the best weather of the season, there will be plenty of play throughout the golf course in the coming weeks. With the increase in play, it will be imperative that golfers properly take care of the golf course. Most members can attest that although being cart-path only for the past 17-days was a nuisance, the fairways and rough have benefitted tremendously. It may seem that those small golf cart tires cannot cause too much damage and turf stress. However, keep in mind that golf carts create a lot of compacted pressure and are extremely stressful. Respect the 90o Rule for driving onto the fairways as this will be vital for keeping playing conditions at their finest. Avoid driving back and forth over an area to look for balls and never drive straight down the middle of a fairway. These simple steps will help protect optimal playing conditions for everyone. Likewise, on the green surfaces there has been a decrease in golfer participation in fixing ball marks. This is the number one rule for golf course etiquette and if a ball mark is not properly fixed within impacting a green, it may not heal for two to three weeks. Fix your ball mark and while waiting for all players to reach the putting surface, find another ball mark to fix. Take pride in golf course etiquette and it will make a noticeable difference in the playability and presentation of the golf course.