Spring Cleaning


Last week our maintenance yard along with the driving range and tennis court parking areas received a much needed facelift with the application of a new seal coat.  In October of 2011, trees were removed and several areas were paved to accommodate more parking along with better utilization of space for the maintenance equipment.  While the facility itself is too small to hold all of our specialized equipment, the additional parking and space is a great improvement and allows us to maximize the space that is available.  This is a much improved first impression for those who frequent the driving range and tennis facilities and acts as a morale boost for the maintenance crew to enjoy a better looking area.


Trees restricted the amount of available parking space.


Following removal of trees and having the area paved to maximize space.


Lack of pavement and excessive slope limited the ability to park and store equipment.


Following removal of oak tree and reduction of slope to add more available space.

Driving Range Closure

On Monday the driving range will be closed all day to repair the sagging sections of netting.  The process will begin around 8:00am and is expected to last all day.  The maintenance crew will take advantage of the closure and complete any necessary maintenance tasks in and around the driving range.  There is more Sta-Lok material to add behind the hitting areas and this project will be completed during Monday’s closure as well.

Two sections of netting need repaired

Driving Range Improvement

Current look of the driving range area

Previous look of the driving range facility. The Sta-Lok material was added to this area in 2010.


While Pasatiempo may not be admired for its driving range facility, we have spent the past week doing some aesthetic upgrades.  Due in large part to the safety factor and proximity to the first hole and practice greens, players are required to hit off mats everyday.  The only exception is during the mens and ladies invitational when the grass tee is utilized.  During the Western Intercollegiate held each April we allow the college players to hit off grass as well.  The back side of the driving range suffered in terms of aesthetics from poor turf quality, players sneaking in a few hits off the grass, and continous gopher activity.  The decision was made to be consistent and turn this area into the same Sta-Lok material that is behind the majority of the mats.  Also, the previous grassy area was minimized so that more native grasses could be added to help improve the area.  With the sandy bio-swale in the front of the mats and now the decomposed granite material in the back it may be something more reminiscent of a desert golf course facility.  However, it does fit our overall goal of reducing irrigated turfgrass and promoting more native grass areas.

The previous look behind the driving range mats