Spring Cleaning


Last week our maintenance yard along with the driving range and tennis court parking areas received a much needed facelift with the application of a new seal coat.  In October of 2011, trees were removed and several areas were paved to accommodate more parking along with better utilization of space for the maintenance equipment.  While the facility itself is too small to hold all of our specialized equipment, the additional parking and space is a great improvement and allows us to maximize the space that is available.  This is a much improved first impression for those who frequent the driving range and tennis facilities and acts as a morale boost for the maintenance crew to enjoy a better looking area.


Trees restricted the amount of available parking space.


Following removal of trees and having the area paved to maximize space.


Lack of pavement and excessive slope limited the ability to park and store equipment.


Following removal of oak tree and reduction of slope to add more available space.

Here Kitty Kitty…

Now that the goats are gone, we had to come up with something else to entertain ourselves with.  Not only will the addition of two shop cats keep the crewmembers company during break periods, but more importantly we are hopeful they will help to control the rat population.  Over the years we have lost a considerable amount of seed as pesky rats rip through the bags and eat the grass seed.  Numerous times the rats have chewed through wires in our spraying equipment and created emergency wiring repairs on spray days.  With an extensive amount of droppings left behind, this is unsightly and not healthy for our crew to be around.  We have set traps and have put out bait stations around the maintenance facility.  Both have worked, but using relocated barn cats with natural hunting instincts should prove to be more valuable and effective.  Having arrived onsite yesterday, they are a little skittish and will be enclosed in a kennel for the first five days.  The black/white female and gray/white male come from a litter of four and are less than one year old.  They have all their shots and are sprayed and neutered.  They will remain in the office area for at least the first two months until they are fully adapted to our shop area and know this is their new home.  By springtime they will wander through the rest of the shop via cat doors and be allowed outside during the day.  It will take some time before they adapt so you may not see them around for awhile.  It is our goal to train them to stay in the maintenance area and the adjacent canyon as opposed to bothering people on the driving range.


Two shop cats welcomed as part of the crew that will remain onsite to assist in rodent control


For more information on how to obtain barn cats or to provide a new home to other stray cats click here:  Barn Cats