A Whole New Light

Notice the patches of shade created by the thick overgrowth on the cypress trees.


Extensive pruning this winter has created a dramatic new look to the golf course and ultimately better growing conditions for the grass.


This past winter the maintenance crew has focused on in-house tree pruning projects.  The relatively dry winter allowed the crew to complete a considerable amount of work over the past several months.  The results are visually apparent and have made the golf course aesthetically more appealing.  Removal of three large cypress trees behind the first green was a top priority as the amount of shade it created on the back of the green created undesirable growing conditions during the winter months.  The #1 green has been the weakest green on the course in regards to health and it should perform much better due to having sunlight all day long.  Clicking on the above pictures to “zoom-in” enhances the difference that the pruning has created.  Results will lead to improved growing conditions in the rough along with increased sunlight and better air movement.


View of the first green following removal of three cypress trees on the right side of the green.


View of the 1st green from 2009 and prior to tree work.

Lighting it Up!

Previous view from the 7th green looking down the tree-lined fairway


Current view from the 7th green looking down toward the 6th fairway


The 6th-7th-8th corridor of Pasatiempo is a stretch of the golf course that is nothing to brag about.  From an architectural standpoint, the trees that line this area of the golf course completely ruin the intended architecture.  The 7th hole is a short par-4 but the tee shot is visually intimidating as a long line of massive cypress trees create a tunnel vision effect in ones mind.  For several years, most tree work in this area has been delayed or pushed back.  However, the aging trees have created a significant shade issue and a potential safety issue with many broken limbs.  From a playability standpoint, the low hanging limbs were impacting golf shots and making the short par-4 play much more difficult.  During the week of November 14th, the golf course was closed due to aeration of greens, tees, and fairways.  It also was an opportune time to complete a massive trimming project in this area without having players to work around.  24-cypress trees were limb up 50-feet and the lateral growth was removed.  This has dramatically changed the view from the tee, the overall playability of the 6th and 7th holes, and has substantially increased the amount of sunlight affecting the 8th green along with the fairways in this area.  No trees were removed during this phase of the project, but there is the possibility of taking some trees out in the future to really improve this area of the golf course.

View from the 7th tee prior to the beginning of the tree work.  Notice the amount of the shade impacting this area along with the “tunnel vision” effect.
The 8th green complex with shade covering the green.  Once the tree work is done, the goal is to dramatically increase the amount of sunlight affecting this green.
Late afternoon view of the tree work that has eliminated a “wall” of green and will allow much needed sunlight to hit the 8th green during the winter months.
Day two of the thinning and trimming process.  Notice the two trees on the right side that were not done.  More sunlight…more air movement…better turfgrass and better playability.