Now…Let’s Get This Straight

Existing cartpath and the Outline of where new cartpath will be located.

The big storm of March 19th not only took out the tree adjacent to the 3rd green, it significantly damaged the cartpath that circled around that massive tree.  Losing the tree was great from an architectural standpoint as the MacKenzie bunker complex is no longer hidden from view at the main entrance.  Another side benefit was the straightening of the new cartpath to go right through where the tree used to be.  This eliminates the awkward curvature of the previous cartpath and significantly increases the playability from the right side of the green complex.  Does it make the hole easier without the tree?  Not sure how a 235-yard uphill Par 3 is easy to begin with…

Project began on Tuesday June 7th with the pouring of concrete to occur on Monday June 16th.

Side view indicating just how close the old cartpath was to the bunker complex.